Institute releases technical analysis report on quantum mechanics and blockchain security

On January 3rd, the Research Institute released "Analysis Report on Quantum Mechanics and Blockchain Security Technology", which introduced the basic concepts of quantum mechanics and the challenges and coping strategies of chain technology. Threats caused by algorithms to its system, GateChain will also actively respond to new challenges brought by quantum algorithms. The report states that scientists at the end of the 19th century proved the equivalence of Schrodinger's "wave dynamics" and Heisenberg's "matrix mechanics". Quantum mechanics is widely used in modern scientific research. Among them, the "quantum key distribution technology" developed by the use of particle polarization and uncertainty is one of the most advanced encryption technologies. With the improvement of modern scientific research level, the quantum computer based on quantum mechanics theory and design has gradually become the research target of major technology giants. The advent of quantum computers and quantum algorithms poses a serious threat to the blockchain encryption mechanism. Hash algorithms and key encryption algorithms may be cracked. At present, anti-quantum algorithm is a feasible method to counter the attack of quantum algorithm, but there is still the risk of centralization of nodes.