Iran's BTC price maintains a high premium of $ 23,100, but has not surged due to air strikes

According to CoinWorld news, today the United States launched an air attack on Iran, leading to the death of senior Iranian military officials. The situation in Iran has become more turbulent. It is reported that the price of Iranian Bitcoin has skyrocketed. According to Localbitcoins data, the highest selling price of bitcoin against Iranian rials is 970,363,750 IRR, according to the public exchange rate of about $ 23,100, which is more than three times the normal price. However, Iran's high premium did not result from this. As early as September 2018, the price of bitcoin in Iran had reached 23,200 US dollars. Compared with the recent price, the price of buying bitcoin through IRR also slightly declined. Some analysts believe that such a high premium is mainly due to the poor exchange of Iranian national currency with mainstream legal currency.