SheKnows final debate at the end of the year 丨 Bo Liang: The core link of supervision is the token transaction, especially the transaction link between the token and the fiat currency

On the evening of January 3, the third debate of SheKnows's final debate at the end of the year began. The theme of this debate was "2020, the year when the public chain supervision broke the game." Regarding the question "Which aspects of the blockchain industry need to be severely regulated and which can be more tolerant?" Bai Liang, founder of Zero One Finance and executive vice president of the Digital Asset Research Institute, said that the core link is token transactions, especially It is the transaction link between token and fiat currency. Financial transactions involving non-specific objects. First, conflicts with existing financial systems and rules need to be reconciled, and second, prone to fraud, market manipulation, money laundering, and terrorist financing. It's much simpler if you only trade within the community. Two-way transactions will face complex issues and involve a series of financial issues such as financing.