China Energy News: "Blockchain Energy" Enters Golden Development Period

On January 3, the Chinese energy newspaper "Blockchain + Energy" entered a golden period of development. According to the article, according to a Deloitte survey, 72% of executives in the oil and gas industry look forward to adopting blockchain technology. Deloitte said that in energy The use of blockchain in the field of resources and resources can improve visibility, operational efficiency and simplify the regulatory process. Blockchain can provide a reliable and effective platform for executing and recording energy transactions, storing a large amount of clean, tamper-resistant data, while also It can be accessed and tracked by regulators. In a report by technology media platform BBN Times, the use of blockchain technology can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1.3 billion tons per year, save 800 million gallons of water resources, and prevent oil leakage. Leakage accidents. At present, most freight companies are considering using blockchain technology to map the safest route when transporting volatile fuels, and track the entire transportation process in real time. Chief of BIS Research focusing on emerging technology trends Analyst Rakhi Tanwar said: "In the past three years, the energy industry has been paying more and more attention to digital technologies such as blockchain. As a result, the model has accelerated, reaching $ 466 million in 2018, and at least 189 companies have adopted the technology in the energy business. "In addition, data from China's National Cyberspace Administration shows that 506 enterprise blockchain projects in the domestic blockchain industry are underway.