Gao Chengshi: For the blockchain, the market demand of the blockchain exists objectively, or it will be a necessary stage for the implementation of the blockchain system

According to the China Business Daily, Gao Chengshi, a communications member of the Blockchain Special Committee of the Chinese Computer Society, said that in 2019, relevant state departments will further suppress currency speculation and use actions to indicate the future trend of the blockchain. Gao Chengshi frankly stated that in the current situation, the market demand of "blockchain for the sake of blockchain" exists objectively. This may be a necessary stage for the blockchain system to land. The blockchain system should have been the product of the full development stage of information and digitalization. Based on this, it is possible to distribute data consistently across the entire network and establish trust and interconnection. As for interoperability, Gao Chengshi believes that this is the real problem that the blockchain needs to face in the future. Although some cross-chain systems are being developed in recent years, overall the goals and methods adopted by these cross-chain systems Is not particularly satisfactory. The real cross-chain should become the underlying infrastructure of the future blockchain. It is embedded between different blockchain systems and can actively adapt to different blockchain systems. It should not allow existing ones. 2. Different blockchain systems are transformed and adapted to another cross-chain system or target system.