Data: As of the end of 2019, the number of DApp users for games and gaming is about four times that of DeFi

According to data from the blockchain analysis website, as of December 31, the number of users of decentralized applications (DApps) for gaming and gaming on seven different smart contract platforms was approximately four times that of DeFi. Times. The growth of DeFi applications is mainly focused on the Ethereum blockchain this year. According to, more than 75% of DeFi applications are active on Ethereum, and the second most popular DeFi smart contract platform is EOS, which accounts for 11% of active DeFi applications. Just looking at Ethereum, DeFi's growth in the year is more obvious. Throughout the year, DeFi applications surpassed gaming and gambling applications in terms of number of users. In addition to these three DApp categories, the number of users across 10 different smart contract platforms (including Ethereum) in the entire DApp ecosystem is declining. Data from the blockchain analysis website DappRadar shows that the number of DApp users dropped from 110,000 in May to 41,000 in early December, a 62% reduction. On these 10 blockchain platforms, even the number of active DApps has been reduced from 529 to 370.