Multicoin Capital Managing Partner: Ethereum 2.0 has structural and fundamental open issues

According to AMBCrypto, Multicoin Capital managing partner Kyle Samani said that whether a project stays on Ethereum depends entirely on the type of application the developer wants to build. For open financial applications, Ethereum is the best place to build. He noted that there are several projects that are building applications that are not centered on open source finance, and the most important factor these projects seek is scalability. When asked about the transition from Ethereum to Ethereum 2.0 and the factors that developers need to consider when choosing the platform on which their project is based in this scenario, he said, "I can say with great certainty that we really don't know Ether How Fang 2.0 will work. There are some high-level ideas about how it actually works, but there are also quite a few structural and fundamental open issues. "He said at Devcon in October 2019, The structure of the system has changed significantly. "They changed the number of shards and how the shards will be cross-linked." He said, "We can also see that the Ethereum team is studying what other teams are doing and adjusting them. Some ideas. It is safe to say that we just don't know what Eth 2.0 will look like, it is likely that the final product is not even the product currently planned. "He concluded that developers must choose whether to place all eggs in ether. Fang ’s basket because they do n’t know “where this ship is going” and choose other blockchains with more certainty in the medium and long term.