Bitmain appoints new CEO of AI business Wang Jun, continues to invest in AI chips

According to Wu's Blockchain news, on the evening of January 3, Bitmain released an internal letter appointing Wang Jun, the new CEO of the AI ​​Shufeng business line. Wang Jun graduated from Tsinghua's "Yao Class" (Tsinghua Computer Theory Science Experimental Class). He joined Bitmain in 2016 as the technical director. He has worked in companies such as NetEase, Google, Baidu, etc., and is one of the pioneers of Bitmain's AI computing business One. Recently, Bitmain is facing the pressure of halving, and it is carrying out a round of personnel optimization. It has been reported that AI has been greatly optimized. The appointment of the new CEO means that the company still has high hopes for AI. Wu Jihan once said that AI was the first project he proposed to start. It is reported that this is the first time that Bitmain has set up a CEO position for the AI ​​business line. Previously, various types of president positions were registered or required to attend events.