Director of Zhejiang University Blockchain Research Center: Blockchain is one of the few technology fields in China that can stand on the same starting line with the world

On January 3, the "2019 Hangzhou Blockchain Industry Development Report" was officially released. Professor Yang Xiaohu, president of the Hangzhou Blockchain Technology and Application Federation and director of the Blockchain Research Center of Zhejiang University, launched the 2019 Hangzhou Blockchain Industry Development Report and pointed out that blockchain is one of the few in China that can The world stands on the same starting line in the technical field. Hangzhou ’s blockchain companies are “full of flowers but prominent in focus” and are the high ground for the development of the national blockchain industry. According to incomplete statistics, as of the first half of 2019, the number of blockchain-related companies in Hangzhou has reached 125, involving financial (28%), media (16%), and underlying technology (13%). aspect. The underlying technology companies provide solid technical support for the Hangzhou blockchain industry, making blockchain applications no longer a "discussion on paper"; and the practice in the financial field includes digital asset trading platforms, digital asset management, industry incubation and blockchain finance Solutions, etc., to promote the prosperity of blockchain applications; at the same time, the Hangzhou blockchain media has gradually grown, a large amount of communication and popularization has expanded the social influence of the blockchain. The three development directions complement each other to form Hangzhou's superior atmosphere for the development of the blockchain industry.