Analysis of the madman market on April 26: Today, the market has a big joke but tells us a truth.

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This morning, the game was continued to be adjusted according to the script. Unexpectedly, a black swan pulled back the bitcoin price and received a heavy-weight K-line on the daily line. Do you still remember the words that the madman said? The market trend will not change because of short-term positives or bad interests. Since the momentum of adjustment has already existed, when the USDT storm in the market gradually subsides, Bitcoin will continue to fall along the adjustment trend, so the market is still Belongs to the callback market, don't rush to bottom or get on the bus. When all the funds are waiting for the real money to be replenished, we will follow the buy.

The strong support of short-term bitcoin is at 5,000, and the strong pressure is at 5400. The market will gradually decline with the enthusiasm of falling back. Therefore, it is still a high probability event that the market will continue to pull back to 5000 after the shock consolidation.


Continued to fall back and smashed some panic attacks. At present, the position has certain support, and the market has rebound demand. The rebound target is the 5-day line. After the rebound, the trend is still falling.

Analysis of the madman market on April 26: Today, the market has a big joke, but tells us a truth.


Today, there is a resurgence again, and the weakness is full. However, in terms of volume, due to the continuous correction of the currency price, there is not much money to choose to ship at this position, so the short-term rebound is still a high probability event.


Today, there is no choice to continue downwards. There is no new low in this round of decline. It shows that the momentum of the market's continued slumping has been limited. It is expected to rebound slightly in the short term, but the pressure on the top is still relatively large, so there is limited room for rebound and it is not recommended to participate.

Analysis of the madman market on April 26: Today, the market has a big joke, but tells us a truth.


Sustained weakness, temporarily not bargain-hunting.


The strength of the two consecutive bottomings has been limited, so there is a short-term expectation of rebound, pressure 5.7


The former faucet continues to be weak and is expected to continue down the 5-day line, so please do not participate.


Continue to break the volume, not easily rebound, the upper 2.2 has become a heavy pressure.


It has already fallen from the altar. It takes time to get up. If there is no new heavy weight in this round, it will be difficult to break through again. After all, from the market value, the current market value is still relatively high.


The trend is very stable relative to other platform currencies, but one currency will not always rise, and there will still be room for correction in the short term, with strong support.


Under the shock, you will continue to step back on the support of 0.064, and wait for the opportunity.

The basic currency is basically cool, and the mainstream currency is not spared. The market's weakness will continue, but there will be a partial rebound after the continuous decline. If the position is heavy, investors can continue in the market that rebounds tomorrow. Lighten up the position, don't be against the trend. After a wave of rising, don't easily slap the bottom, because every time you cut the bottom, it is the easiest to copy on the mountainside. Buying can only be done in a short-term, not a trend to buy.

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