Digital currency will not die within 10 years, but bitcoin will be replaced?

Digital currency will not die within 10 years, but bitcoin will be replaced?

Recently, a company has conducted a survey on digital currency in Europe. The results show that most Europeans believe that digital currency will continue to exist within 10 years.

The survey covers 10 countries and 10,000 digital currency investors in Europe, and more than 60% of them have confidence in the development of digital currency. Surprisingly, however, only 55% believe that Bitcoin will still exist.

Some experts believe that "these results show that the reputation of digital currency has surpassed the hype and become more stable. Bitcoin has been developed for more than 10 years, and for most consumers, the future of digital currency is undoubtedly an achievement."

Of course, some people say that Bitcoin does not receive as much support as other digital currencies, mainly due to media reports, hacking attacks and so on.

We certainly think that Bitcoin will still exist, and most Europeans and Chinese people must think so. But where will Bitcoin go last? To what level? It is no longer necessary. No one can guarantee that Bitcoin will not be replaced by other digital currencies, such as Ethereum, such as Monroe, who knows.

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