God V: The biggest current possibility is to merge Eth 1 and Eth 2 directly

Recently, when answering questions about the additional issue of ETH and BETH Tokens in the new and old Eth 1 and Eth 2 chains in the Ethereum 2.0 Chinese community, and whether the two-way bridging of assets in the new and old chains will realize the two-way transfer of assets in both directions as soon as possible. God V said that Eth 1 and Eth 2 chains will issue additional tokens, Eth 2 is a PoS reward, and PoW chain is a mining reward. After the two chains are merged, ETH and BETH will become a kind of token. At the same time, V God replied that the more likely plan now is not to do a two-way bridge between the old and new chains, but to merge directly as soon as possible.