Iran's domestic bitcoin premium is serious, bitcoin sells for up to 24,000 US dollars

Author Xiu MU

Source: Tweet

With the tension between the United States and Iran, the Bitcoin Iranian seller on the peer-to-peer trading platform LocalBitcoins has set its pricing to about 1 billion Iranian rials (about $ 24,000).

The founder of crypto analytics agency Messari Ryan Selkis explained that the premium may be due to Iranians wanting to sell Iran's national currency, which could depreciate, especially given the increasing likelihood of war with the United States.

He said,

"Today on LocalBitcoins, Iran's bitcoin exchange price is equivalent to nearly 24,000 U.S. dollars. This is unlikely to be a reaction from the Iranian military. Instead, it may be innocent and desperate Iranians are looking to get rid of the impending chaos. Way out. "

On the other hand, the trading volume of LocalBitcoins in Iran has continued to decrease in recent months. This is most likely because the Iranian government has restricted Internet access in the country since November in response to nationwide protests against rising fuel prices.

Last month, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani proposed creating a cryptocurrency for Muslim countries to replace the US dollar. He said that the United States has adopted economic sanctions as a "main tool for hegemony and bullying" of other countries, and the Muslim world should design measures "to protect itself from the rule of the US dollar and the US financial system."

In November last year, the Iranian government set the electricity tariffs for cryptocurrency miners in the country and will reward incentives to report illegal mining activities in the country.

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