Bitcoin security expert: thousands of tokens with varying degrees of utility will emerge in the future

According to AMBCrypto, in a recent interview, Bitcoin security expert Andreas Antonopoulos talked about "the possibility of Bitcoin becoming a major currency or the emergence of a dual currency coexisting with bitcoin and fiat currency" in an interview, describing such a scenario: "Some economic standards will emerge to dominate the economic value of the currency." He added that some of these may be fiat currencies, some are backed by gold, and some are asset-backed currency mechanisms. Antonopoulos said that in the long run, most of these monetary mechanisms will be related to cryptocurrencies. Antonopoulos also said that there will be thousands of tokens with varying degrees of utility in the future, some of which may be socially friendly and association-centric, which may mean that tokens dedicated to sports teams, pop singers, etc . The author adds that the "tip point" will be the selection of the most suitable token for trading at any given point in time. In the long run, people will no longer rely on people, but on the intelligent software in their digital wallets.