Lou Di CPPCC member Nie Dongping: accelerate the establishment of a blockchain industry risk prevention and control system

According to Loudi News Network, at the meeting of the economic sector group of the fourth session of the fifth session of the Loudi CPPCC, Nie Dongping, a member of the CPPCC, said that “the current blockchain technology in Loudi is still in its infancy, and the hidden dangers of blockchain security cannot be ignored. This problem indicates that it is necessary to further promote the improvement of the blockchain industry ecosystem, and start from technical innovation, risk prevention and control, and find a solution. First, comprehensively integrate technical innovation resources. The second is to accelerate the establishment of an industrial risk prevention and control system. The third is to promote the establishment of a regulatory system better suited to the development of the blockchain industry, and provide a legal environment for the development of the blockchain industry ecosystem.