Guangzhou Daily: Guangdong promotes blockchain technology applications

On January 3rd, the Guangzhou Blockchain Technology-Enhanced Financial Special Training Series held the first phase of activities at the Guangdong Equity Exchange Center. This training invited Liu Quan, president of the CCID Blockchain Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and CEO of Yuntong Landa. Zou Jun's two experts gave lectures on hot topics such as blockchain technology and digital finance, the current status and trends of blockchain development, and blockchain application scenarios. It is reported that in recent years, Guangzhou has actively promoted the development of blockchain technology to empower the financial industry, insisting on two-handed, two-handed, one-handed innovation and development, and issued the "Guangzhou Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Development of Financial Technology Innovation" to steadily promote blockchain The rational application of technology in the financial field encourages banks, insurance and financial institutions to use blockchain technology to optimize and innovate products and services; to grasp risk prevention and control in one hand, and to use blockchain and other technological means to accelerate the construction of the Guangzhou Financial Risk Monitoring and Prevention Center.