Futurist George Gilder: To restore confidence in the world economy, blockchain must be developed

According to Sina Science and Technology News, on January 4th, the "Fifth New Economic Think Tank Conference" hosted by Ali Research Institute was held in Beijing. George Gilder, a famous American economist and futurist, said in his speech that China has more new enterprises and entrepreneurial enterprises than all other countries combined. One reason is that China has achieved great success in entrepreneurship. It is precisely because there are platform companies such as Alibaba and Tencent that these platform companies have created many opportunities for small businesses. By 2023, the world's largest listed companies will be Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and BYTE, and Ping An of China. In addition, we see that there will also be many blockchain companies. In the future, competition will be fierce and many blockchain companies will rise. Now we have entered the era of blockchain. He believes that the crisis of network security in the world economy, Internet hacker attacks continue to occur, and people's mutual trust is declining. To restore the confidence of the world economy, it is necessary to develop a blockchain.