Former SEC officials look at China's central bank digital currency: 2020

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Katherine Wu is the founder of Messari, a blockchain company in the United States, and the fund manager of the blockchain investment fund NotificCapital.

Katherine Wu, who currently lives in California, grew up in Kunming, Yunnan and Hong Kong, and is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. She has graduated from Benjamin N. Cardozo Law School, Johns Hopkins University, and has worked for Bank of China, SEC, Bank of America, Oak Hill Advisors, and the US State Department.

Recently, Catherine accepted an exclusive interview with the US blockchain media Coindesk to talk about the development of the blockchain in 2020. Catherine had a focused discussion on China's digital currency. Interlink Pulse excerpts her main points.

When the Coindesk host asked about Defi in 2020, Catherine took the initiative to bring the topic to China. She said: "In 2020, the (blockchain) development space is on the other side of the world-China, I can feel it."

The reason given by Catherine is that all Chinese technology companies are developing blockchain solutions; all payment platforms can access the central bank's digital currency without any barriers. The implication is that when the central bank's digital currency comes out, it can be used immediately, and large technology companies can use the central bank's digital currency to develop blockchain business. Catherine said, "I can imagine that (in 2020, the central bank's digital currency) is the only digital currency supported by a large country. Users can use this digital currency to buy anything, not like Libra (and many limit)."

Katherine Wu went on to add that Chinese apps are integrated and can be used to do anything, buy things, order movie tickets, order transportation, etc. This also makes China's digital currency application scenarios very rich. Therefore Katherine Wu believes that China's digital currency has great potential.

Katherine Wu also observed that China's investment in blockchain is very large. She said: "China is investing a lot of resources into the research of blockchain and it is beginning to cultivate a lot of professionals." She believes that China will be this The "big player" in the field.

Finally, Katherine Wu also pointed out that China's blockchain industry is relatively decentralized and will form a game between the two camps.