Blockchain investment agency Pantera Capital partner: halving or will cause BTC prices to remain relatively high in 2020

Paul Veradittakit, a partner at Pantera Capital, a digital currency and blockchain technology investment agency, talked about some market volatility, regulatory disputes, financial scandals, Senate hearings, and more controversy that will shake the blockchain and cryptocurrency space in 2019, and he Forecasts are made for 2020. He said Facebook's Libra will have a lot of discussions on regulatory issues and data privacy. Veradittakit said: "Libra project leader David Marcus has testified against the U.S. Senate's queries, and continued criticism of the Facebook data scandal will highlight the power and necessary improvements of platforms like Libra / Calibra." In addition, referring to the issue that Bitcoin will be halved in 2020, Veradittakit said that the halving could "create a huge bull market in the Bitcoin market." He added that the halving could cause BTC prices to remain relatively high throughout 2020.