Former Monero Chief Developer: It's almost impossible to hack into Monero

Former Monero chief developer Riccardo Spagni ("Fluffypony") said recently that Monero was designed to protect financial privacy. "Monero does everything in its power to protect privacy while still being accessible, which is a widely used cryptocurrency." Spagni added that Monero works with Bitcoin is very similar. The only difference between the two cryptocurrencies is that Monero protects the anonymity of transactions recorded on the blockchain, while Bitcoin is too transparent. He also declared that it was almost impossible to hack into Monero. Asked about the illegal use of Monero, Riccardo Spagni pointed out that from Siri to Google, everything around us could violate privacy. He also talked about the 30-minute hack of Monero's official website, saying that it was like "a wake-up call." He added: "Therefore Monero and other privacy coins are committed to providing maximum security. "