Fan Jingang, China Group Promotion Association: "On-chain" is not easy, and the " blockchain" stage urgently needs to cultivate blockchain thinking

Fan Jingang, vice-chairman and secretary-general of the Blockchain Branch of the China Group Promotion Association, said that it was not easy to go online. It is still in the early "+ blockchain" era. It is necessary to emphasize the advantages and value of the blockchain by strengthening the blockchain thinking, emphasizing the advantages and values ​​of the blockchain through government guidance, policy promotion, association appeals, corporate participation, public support, etc. Water "on the chain", experience the benefits and value of "on the chain". In this way, you can naturally transition to the era of "blockchain +". By then, the blockchain application platform (various Dapps, that is, "blockchain + APP") has become standard, and if many products and services are not on the chain, they will lack "credit value" or "reputation points". At that stage, naturally, it can be said to truly enter the "blockchain +" era. Given that we are now at the stage of "promoting the application of blockchain technology", for blockchain companies, it is necessary to deeply understand the business reality, truly understand the existing business operation processes and the underlying technology implementation logic, and at the same time strengthen technical research 2. Attention to standards and norms. To join the blockchain organization or ecology with an open source, open, co-construction and sharing mentality and concept, we can better serve the real economy and promote the development of the blockchain industry in a more healthy way.