Bitrefill CFO: leverages BTC community for unspeakable purposes

Recently, the controversy surrounding the rationality behind naming the publication "Nakamoto" has caused a stir on Twitter. was recently established to create a "high-quality place for technical, philosophical and cultural writing" to cater to the "general interest of the crypto community". The official website states that many popular cryptographers from different backgrounds have collectively contributed content to the site. The names of former Coinbase CTO Balaji Srinivasan, Coinshare CSO Meltem Demirors, V God, and others will appear in the magazine.

According to Bitrefill CFO John Carvalho, Nakamoto's page contains "various pitfalls aimed at finding opportunities other than Bitcoin". He went on to claim that the site has a "distracting paradigm that allows for greater tolerance for Bitcoin's competing ideas." Carvalho's main argument points to the "intent" of the site, and if the publication is named after "crypto" or "blockchain", it won't cause a sensation. He also claims that this is not the first time "people are trying to use BTC's community, reputation, and network effects for unspeakable purposes."