Blockchain evangelists: The Office of the Attorney General of New York has double standards for the handling of Bitfinex’s misappropriation of Tether funds

Caitlin Long, blockchain evangelist and co-founder of the Wyoming blockchain alliance in the United States, commented on "Bitfinex was accused of using Tether funds to make up for the $850 million in secrets." The matter was "unexpected and reasonable." . It is true that encrypted exchanges must clarify what they are doing and prove their solvency. But she also said that the New York Attorney General's Office (NY AG) is suspected of "double standards" in handling the matter. She pointed out that Merrill Lynch had a similar incident between 2009 and 2012, but NY AG did not take action on it today. Long also said that exchanges should “voluntarily disclose” information about their solvency, reserves and audited financial statements. If this is not done on the conditions set by themselves, the regulator, investor or litigant will “enforce on unfavorable conditions”.