Getting started with blockchain | Remarks when transferring EOS, you can still play like this

In yesterday's article "Why EOS recharges to the trading platform, it needs to fill in the notes and present it but not use it" , Dabai introduces the Emo Memo to everyone. When recharging EOS to the trading platform, you need to fill in Memo (usually a string of numbers) to facilitate the trading platform to determine who should be credited to the account, forgetting to fill in, misfilling may result in asset loss.

Many people ask Dabai, in addition to this, what is the use of Memo? Is it unnecessary at other times? Dabai wants to tell you, of course not.

Today, Dabai will share with you other Memo games to make your life more fun.

Let’s start with one thing that happened recently on Dabai. Recently, a colleague of Dabai is getting married. I always have to send money for marriage, but Dabai turned and thought: "Hey, it’s a blockchain, it’s not too cliché, right?"

After meditation, Dabai decided to send 10 citrons (EOS) as a money to the colleague, and wrote a greeting on Memo, so that the newlywed blessings were “permanently” stored in the EOS blockchain. Query through the EOS browser).

Because it is from the EOS wallet of Dabai to the EOS wallet of the colleague, Memo is optional. It is of course no problem to write a wedding greeting. Memo has a word limit and supports up to 85 Chinese characters or 256 characters, but it is more than enough to write a wedding greeting.

▲EOS browser part screenshot: Dabai gives colleagues money and wedding greetings

It's not just a wedding blessing. In many occasions where you need a "red envelope", such as a birthday party, you can use EOS or other cryptocurrency to transfer money, give the other party a special gift, and you can use the Memo to bless the words and vows. Chain . These greetings and vows can be viewed through the relevant blockchain browser!

Perhaps, after 10 years, the other party will open the cryptocurrency you sent, and you will be shocked!

1000 yuan in cash and cryptocurrency worth 1,000 yuan. If you can choose, which one would you choose? why? Welcome to tell Dabai in the message area.



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