Baidu Super Chain Open Network has introduced 7 super nodes such as Tsinghua University and iQiyi

Babbitt News, today, Baidu Super Chain announced the official launch of the "Super Chain Open Network" at an online product launch. According to the official introduction, Baidu Super Chain Open Network has the following advantages:

First, autonomous security is highly reliable. Based on Baidu's completely self-developed and open source XuperChain technology, XuperChain has passed the evaluation of the First Electronics and Fourth Electronics Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to meet the requirements of the Chinese blockchain standard.

Second, it is flexible and convenient with low threshold. You can use blockchain technology without building a chain, while providing rich contract templates and powerful functional components, the "fool-style" operation effectively reduces the threshold for developers and SMEs.

Third, the cost of flexible payments is low. With flexible payment capabilities for computing and storage resources, flexible billing can be achieved on demand and by volume.

Fourth, nodes are open and credible. It consists of super alliance nodes distributed throughout the country. At present, we have introduced 7 super nodes including Tsinghua University, iQiyi and other authoritative institutions. At the same time, it has open access to the community and has strong credibility.