Beyond the Chain CEO Lang Yu: In 2020, MOV and a series of industry side chains will be launched

Babbitt News, January 6, "Close-range conversation with the original chain team:" on the chain 2020 ", multi-dimensional chat bytom Roadmap AMA" was held at the chain node, facing "the biggest difference between the original chain and other public chains "Where", "What is the positioning of Biyuan Chain", Biyuan Chain CEO Lang Yu replied that he does not compare public chains. The core of Behara is to pay attention to the general direction set by the foundation, and greatly promote the living space of Behara in a limited and legal field. The 2020 conference will mainly promote MOV (the next-generation decentralized cross-chain Layer 2 value exchange protocol), as well as a series of industry side chains. "The original positioning has not changed-asset on-chain and atomic assets have crossed to digital assets."

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