Biyuan Chain CEO Lang Yu: MOV-based stablecoins are a package of digital currency algorithm implementations, and BTM accounts for a small proportion of them

On January 6th, "Close-range dialogue with the original chain team:" On the chain 2020 ", multi-dimensional chat bytom Roadmap AMA" was held at the chain node, the original chain CEO Lang Yu said that in 2020, the main promotion of MOV Central cross-chain Layer2 value exchange protocol). Some viewers asked that Ethereum has a first-mover advantage and a large market value advantage on Defi. How does Bytom develop in this field? Lang Yu replied that the big market value is because there are many applications and users, not the other way around. How to grow MOV is the essence of innovation and entrepreneurship. MOV is not only a stable coin similar to MakerDao, it is a comprehensive platform that can cross all chains. The stablecoin will be launched on MOV. It is better than the original, and it has more valuable assets than the original public chain. Stablecoins are an algorithmic implementation of a package of digital currencies, which not only includes BTM, or that BTM accounts for a small proportion of them.

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