James, CTO of Beyond Chain: Demand promotes technology development, MOV ecology needs assets across chains, which is the original intention of Beyond Chain to do cross-chain

Babbitt News, January 6, "Close-range conversation with the original chain team:" on the chain 2020 ", multi-dimensional chat bytom Roadmap AMA" was held at the chain node, some audience members asked why the original chain was planned to be completed in 2020 How is the implementation of cross-chain technology different from Cosmos? Biyuan Chain CTO James replied: The healthy development model should be the demand to promote the development of technology, not because a certain technology is cool and it should be made first and then find a landing place. The core reason why Bethanal began to cross-chain in 2019 is that the MOV ecosystem needs to span more assets on the chain than the original chain, and the existing cross-chain solution cannot meet this demand. In response to similar questions, the CEO of Biyuan Chain said that other cross-chain technologies did not really run, which was a step faster than the original chain.

AMA address: https://www.chainnode.com/ama/402474?sort=hot