Yu Jianing: The 2020s will be a great decade of blockchain revolution

Hu Jianing, President of Huobi University, said recently that the 2020s will be a year of great changes in the development of the digital economy. The widespread application of blockchain will bring about a series of changes, and new finance, new business, and new organizations are on the horizon. In the 2020s, major changes in business organization will occur. The basic business organization will change from a corporate system to a community system, alliance system, and ecological system. It will end the inherent contradictions among stakeholders such as management, shareholders, and users. From "maximizing company value" to "maximizing ecological value", achieving "co-construction, co-governance, symbiosis, and win-win", so that each participant's contribution can be quantified, reasonable distribution contributions can be achieved, and organizational boundaries Can be extended quickly. When talking about blockchain innovation and opportunities, Yu Jianing said that the coming of the 1920s will be a decade in which blockchain innovation will accelerate, be widely implemented, and be brought into regulation. It will be Blockchain 3.0, which is an industrial zone. The decade when the blockchain will shine will be a great decade of blockchain innovation, applications and changes. All walks of life will be changed by the blockchain, and the blockchain will be as ubiquitous as alternating current, water, and the Internet.