Data: Bitcoin's entire network computing power continues to rise, and short-term computing power once exceeded 110 EH / s

According to Tokenview data, the hashrate of Bitcoin's entire network continued to climb last week, and the number of large transfers on the chain remained flat compared to the previous month. The daily average number of active addresses on the 7th was 638035, an increase of 2.54% from the previous month. The average daily number of new addresses on the 7th was 337583, which was unchanged from the previous month. The number of new and active addresses remained basically at the recent average. The daily average number of on-chain transactions on the entire network was 293822, which was an increase of 0.99% from the previous month. Among them, a large amount of transfers with a single transfer amount exceeding 100 BTC totaled 3592, which was flat. However, the seven-day average hashrate reached 107.71 EH / s, an increase of 16.48% month-on-month, and the short-term hashrate once broke through the high of 110 EH / s. Note: The above content is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice.