Beyond Chain CEO Lang Yu: Technology productization is the goal of Beyond Chain 2020

Babbitt News, January 6, "Close-range conversation with the original chain team:" On the chain 2020 ", multi-dimensional chat bytom Roadmap AMA" was held at the chain node, there are questions from the audience, in 2020, in addition to improving MOV decentralization The cross-chain protocol, why the original chain team attaches great importance to the Bystack architecture-based enterprise blockchain application framework (Devchain) specification, which is a module composed of identity, contract, privacy, consensus, cross-chain, asset trading, etc. Biyuan Chain CEO Lang Yu said that the framework specification can quickly replicate blockchain applications to different fields and different platforms. "For example, if I make a data storage system, it can be used as a traceability application by replacing one of the modules, and those who change these modules do not need to fully understand the underlying mechanism of the blockchain, as long as they understand the business." That is, it Can reduce the threshold for developers to develop blockchain products. Lang Yu also said that in 2020, he expects that Beaconchain can be implanted in industrial and commercial applications, and that technology productization is the goal of 2020. 2019 is more about practicing internal skills and exploring directions.

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