Central Bank Wang Xin: Promoting the R & D of Central Bank's Digital Currency Steadily and Orderly

Wang Xin, the principal of the People ’s Bank of China ’s Monetary, Gold and Silver Bureau, published a research article in the “China Finance” No. 1 of 2020 today, saying that China also needs to comprehensively consider and strengthen related work. While developing non-cash payments, fully consider Financial inclusion issues. First, integrate existing laws and regulations, further improve the legal system of cash management, and crack down on the behavior of rejecting cash. Second, improve the cash flow infrastructure and further improve the public cash experience. Third, strengthen the supervision of the circulation of cash, and effectively safeguard the status of cash legal tender and the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Fourth, popularize financial knowledge, strengthen the publicity and education of the RMB, and make the concept of protecting and protecting the national legal currency popular among the people. Fifth, under the circumstances of persisting in leading controllability and overall security, the central bank's research and development of digital currencies has been steadily and orderly promoted.