Analysis: whether bitcoin and global crisis events are more relevant, it takes time to prove

LongHash published today as "Iran Bitcoin price soars? The real situation may be just the opposite "analysis article. According to the article, as previously described by many media, the phenomenon of soaring bitcoin prices in Iran due to the crisis event does not seem to be in line with the actual situation. According to Iran's actual exchange rate, the price of Bitcoin does not seem to be much different from the average price of Bitcoin worldwide, and may even be lower than the average price. According to the current trading volume of LocalBitcoins in Iran, it is almost the lowest point in history. It is almost close to no transactions, so a small number of transactions are not representative. Even from the data of Google Trends, Bitcoin does not seem to have triggered extra public enthusiasm. Therefore, we do not have any reason to believe that Bitcoin has been sought after in Iran due to this incident, and has caused people's enthusiasm for buying. However, the article also mentioned that the global bitcoin price has indeed rebounded, and it is very consistent with the time of the Iran crisis event, which cannot rule out a certain correlation, and how the future development of the situation, as well as Bitcoin and the global crisis Whether events are more relevant still needs time to prove.