From the media: Bitmain's personnel optimization was started in the morning of January 6th, and the optimization ratio was about 1/3

Wu said that the blockchain was informed that Bitmain's personnel optimization was launched in the morning of January 6th, and the compensation plan was n + 1 and options. On the same day, former chairman Zhanke Tuan issued a document opposing layoffs. Various headhunters have also been informed that they have begun to communicate with Bitmain's resigned employees. Due to the provision of a considerable number of early maturity options, some employees normally signed a termination agreement. But there are also cash compensations for employees who are dissatisfied with n + 1. According to insiders, the proportion of personnel optimization is about 1/3. The main reasons are as follows: first: the company's senior executives are uncertain about the upcoming halving of bitcoin; second: the competitor Shenma sharply divides the mining machine market in 2019, and Shenma has only 80 people for a long time Left and right; third: the artificial intelligence industry as a whole burns money, and independent profits are in the foreseeable future.