Beyond the Chain CEO Lang Yu: MOV, Beyond the original, Bystack, Bethan the original

On January 6th, "Near-distance Dialogue with the original chain team:" On the chain 2020 ", multi-dimensional chat bytom Roadmap AMA" was held at the chain node. Some viewers asked, isn't Biyuan chain focusing on technology but not landing? What is the value of Bystack compared to the original chain? In this regard, BiyuanChain CEO Lang Yu said that technology, compliance, applications, and ecology should be complementary and not more than the original team. In addition, the To B and To G businesses are to promote the Bystack platform of "one-master multi-side architecture". BTM is the main concept in it. This is the general direction of the original application landing. The project itself is good for BTM. MOV is better than original, Bystack is better than original. AMA look back address: