Trader: Even if BTC far exceeds $ 20,000, just 0.1 is not enough to retire

According to U.Today, members of the crypto community expect Bitcoin to return to its all-time high in 2017, when it was close to the $ 20,000 mark. After many experts predict that Bitcoin will soar to new highs, many in the community believe that they will be able to retire and live on the bitcoins they own (even with only 0.1 Bitcoin). However, some experts are skeptical. In a recent tweet, the crypto trader "Bitcoin Macro" stated that even if the value of bitcoin far exceeds $ 20,000, 0.1 bitcoin is far from enough to retire them, let alone rely on 1 ETH And 1 XRP (assuming their price soars in the future) retired. Another cryptocurrency analyst, Alex Kruger, agrees with "Bitcoin Macro", adding that even if you live a simple life, it is impossible to retire with 1 bitcoin 20 years later.