Data: Over the past day, emerging stable currencies USDC, PAX, etc. have issued more than $50 million.

According to the PeckShield situational awareness platform data, it may be that the prosecution accused Tether of misappropriating the impact of the USDT fraud incident. In the past day, the demand for the emerging emerging stable currency markets such as USDC and PAX surged and began to increase frequently. At 07:40 this morning, the USDC, which was the first in the emerging stable currency market, added a USDC with a value of US$29,998,999, with a block height of 7646028 and a trading hash value of 0xee7bba26c290f8d4b0f4ed5ee133d758eae6e0d0383dee2995f77a499a385772. In the past day (UTC time April 26), USDC added 34,885,705 new copies, PAX added 16,868,701 new ones, and NUSD added 33,032 new ones. In just one day, the emerging stable currency market added a total value of over US$51,787,438. Stable currency.