Industry Blockchain Weekly 丨 Local "two sessions" kicked off, blockchain becomes a hot topic for discussion

Recently, local "two sessions" have been held intensively, and blockchain has once again become a hot topic for delegates. In Fujian Province alone, representatives from three places, Fuzhou, Quanzhou, and Zhangzhou, provided suggestions and suggestions on the development of the local blockchain industry. Representatives from other regions, such as Changsha and Loudi in Hunan, and Beijing and Chongqing, also mentioned.


Government Updates: Local Two Sessions Discuss Blockchain

Zhang Bing, Secretary of the Jiaxing Municipal Party Committee: To promote the application of blockchain technology

On January 2nd, the report meeting of the "Red Boat Forum" of the Theory Learning Center of the Jiaxing Municipal Party Committee was held in Dahaining International Campus, Zhejiang. Zhang Bing, secretary of the Jiaxing Municipal Party Committee, pointed out that it is necessary to promote the innovation of blockchain technology, rely on the advantages of various scientific research institutes in Jia, strengthen basic research, and break through a number of key common technologies in the field of distributed ledger technology and other fields, and strengthen the close integration of production, education, and research. Cooperation and strive to occupy the commanding heights of innovation in this emerging field of blockchain.

Secretary of the Hebei Provincial Party Committee: Deepening and perfecting the industrial planning system, highlighting key points such as blockchain

On December 31, 2019, Wang Dongfeng, secretary of the Hebei Provincial Party Committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, pointed out during Zhengding County's investigation and inspection that it is necessary to strengthen scientific coordination, deepen and improve the industrial planning system, and highlight the Internet of Things, blockchain, big data and cloud computing. , Artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, digital economy, etc., gather high-quality resources, strengthen scientific and technological innovation, extend the industrial chain, and strive to build a national first-class digital economy industrial park.

Mayor of Fuzhou: Creating a Comprehensive Experimental Zone for Blockchain Economy

On January 4-5, the fourth meeting of the thirteenth session of the Fuzhou CPPCC and the fourth meeting of the fifteenth session of the Fuzhou People's Congress were held successively. Fangzhou Mayor You Mengjun proposed in the government work report that in 2020, Fuzhou will build a new engine of economic growth around the "three Fuzhou". In terms of the construction of "digital Fuzhou", Fuzhou will accelerate the construction of industry-university-research platforms such as Tsinghua-Fuzhou Data Technology Research Institute and Baidu Artificial Intelligence Lab. Build a blockchain economic comprehensive test area, build a 5G laboratory, and promote the "5G +" application demonstration project. Improve public application platforms such as trusted digital identities and urban big data, and accelerate the construction of "urban brains".

Representatives of the two conferences in Quanzhou: create a good ecological environment and promote the application of blockchain technology

On January 3-4, the fourth meeting of the 12th Quanzhou CPPCC and the fifth meeting of the 16th National People's Congress of Quanzhou were held successively.

Chen Zhaohui, member of the CPPCC of Quanzhou, said that the application of blockchain technology will have a huge and far-reaching impact on traditional manufacturing enterprises, which is conducive to promoting data sharing, optimizing business processes, reducing operating costs, and improving system efficiency. . In addition, Huang Jingming, a representative of the Municipal People's Congress, proposed that the government should lead the construction of the Quanzhou Blockchain Economic Comprehensive Experimental Zone to serve the transformation and development of the real economy.

Mayor of Zhangzhou: Encourage the application of blockchain technology

On January 4, the fourth meeting of the 16th People's Congress of Zhangzhou was held. Zhang Yuan, the mayor of Zhangzhou City, said that Zhangzhou City will encourage the application of blockchain technology, accelerate the development of emerging industries such as the platform economy, exhibition economy, night economy, and event economy, cultivate new hot spots in consumption, and promote the improvement of consumption quality and capacity.

Dongcheng District, Beijing: In 2020, it will support the construction of technology application scenarios such as big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain

On January 4, the Sixth Session of the 16th People's Congress of Dongcheng District, Beijing was held. Jinhui, Mayor of Dongcheng District, Beijing, pointed out in his report that in 2020, Dongcheng District will vigorously promote the perfect layout of 5G infrastructure and support the construction of technology application scenarios such as big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain.

Loudi CPPCC members: accelerate the establishment of a blockchain industry risk prevention and control system

On January 4, at the meeting of the Economic Sector Group of the Fourth Session of the Fifth Session of the Loudi CPPCC, the CPPCC addressed the issue of "the current blockchain technology in Loudi is still in the early stages of development and the hidden dangers of blockchain security cannot be ignored" Member Nie Dongping said that it is necessary to further promote the improvement of the blockchain industry ecosystem, and start with technological innovation, risk prevention and control, and find a solution. First, comprehensively integrate technical innovation resources. The second is to accelerate the establishment of an industrial risk prevention and control system. The third is to promote the establishment of a regulatory system better suited to the development of the blockchain industry, and provide a legal environment for the development of the blockchain industry ecosystem.

Changsha CPPCC members: use the blockchain to build a quality chain and reshape the food distribution system

On January 5, Liu Sha, a member of the CPPCC in Changsha, made a report at the fourth meeting of the 12th Committee of the CPPCC Changsha City. He said that the current application of blockchain technology has gradually expanded from the initial financial field to government services and supply chains. Management, industrial manufacturing and other fields. In some countries, this technology has been applied to the field of food safety. Practice has proved that the use of blockchain technology can make those counterfeit, inferior, high quality and even harmful food "what can be done", so that the people understand consumption and rest assured. He suggested building a quality chain with a blockchain and reshaping the food distribution system.

Yuzhong District, Chongqing: Actively Create a National Blockchain Industry Innovation Demonstration Park

On January 5, the fifth meeting of the 18th People's Congress of Yuzhong District of Chongqing City was held. In the Yuzhong District Government Work Report, a small goal was set for the development of the Yuzhong Blockchain industry this year. Yuzhong will join forces to build a digital economy demonstration zone with blockchain as the leader, accelerate the expansion of Chongqing's blockchain industry innovation base to expand capacity, improve quality and increase efficiency, and actively create a national blockchain industry innovation demonstration park.


The annual National Two Sessions will be officially held in March. Prior to this, local governments at all levels began to focus on the preparation of the two sessions. The provincial two sessions have officially kicked off on January 6. It lasted until early February. Therefore, compared with the past period, the frequency of learning the blockchain in the form of local government organized learning meetings has been greatly reduced, especially at the provincial level. Judging from the discussion content of the current "two sessions" in the local area, it is expected that the popularity of the blockchain in the national two sessions this year will be higher than in previous years.

Industrial policy: "chain" on the music industry and green food industry

China Banking Regulatory Commission: Issued guidance on the development of the banking and insurance industry, mentioning the encouragement of the use of blockchain and other technologies

On January 4, the CBRC issued guidance on promoting high-quality development of the banking and insurance industries. The opinion stated that bancassurance institutions and bancassurance institutions should consolidate the information technology foundation and establish an organizational structure, incentive mechanism, Operating model, and make a good reserve of related technologies, data and talents. Make full use of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, blockchain, and biometrics to improve service quality, reduce service costs, and strengthen business management.

Beijing: Create a network-wide copyright monitoring and rapid rights protection center supported by blockchain and other related technologies

On December 31, 2019, the Beijing Municipal Leading Group for Promoting the Construction of the National Cultural Center officially released the "Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Prosperity and Development of Beijing's Music Industry", and proposed five key safeguards for ten key tasks, namely, "Fifteen Articles of Beijing Music." In response to the current situation of piracy, the "Opinions" proposes to strengthen copyright services in the music industry. Support the establishment of a music copyright distribution service system, a digital music copyright management and distribution service platform, and a full-chain service platform for copyright assets. Established Beijing Music Copyright Protection Assistance Center; supported by relevant technologies such as blockchain and satellite time service, to build a network-wide copyright monitoring and rapid rights protection center.

Nanjing City: Promote the Industrial Cooperative Development of a Strong Chain and Encourage the Application of the Blockchain Industry

On January 2nd, at the 2020 Nanjing Innovative City Construction Promotion Conference, the 2020 Municipal Committee Document No. 1 "Several Policies and Measures on Further Deepening the Construction of Innovative City and Accelerating the Industrial Basic Capability and the Level of the Industrial Chain" was released. The document states that it is necessary to promote the coordinated development of strong chains in the industry, encourage the application of blockchain in the industry, support leading enterprises to build alliance chains, and promote the industry to climb to the mid-to-high end of the value chain.

Fuzhou: Revise the development policy of the blockchain and other industries to accelerate the layout of the blockchain industry

On January 6, the Fuzhou 2020 government work report showed that at present, Fuzhou is accelerating the layout of the blockchain industry. In 2020, Fuzhou will strive to break the digital economy to 430 billion yuan, and revise the blockchain, the Internet of Things, big data, 5G commercial, artificial intelligence and other industrial development policies to strengthen policy guidance.

Chengdu: Support the application of blockchain and other technologies in the green food industry

On January 3, the General Office of the People's Government of Chengdu issued the "Implementation Opinions on Promoting the High-quality Development of Chengdu's Green Food Industry". The "Opinions" proposes to support the application of next-generation information technologies such as industrial clouds, big data, the Internet of Things, and blockchain in the fields of green food industry R & D, design, manufacturing, distribution and consumption, and to promote the construction of digital workshops and intelligent factories.


Beijing and Chengdu both mentioned the application of blockchain in the formulation of the music industry and the green food product industry. The former focuses on copyright protection. Currently, the better blockchain technology service companies include the copyright owner of Baidu Intelligent, an affiliate of Annie Cloud also released a blockchain audio and video copyright protection solution in May last year, but it is not clear how specific and banned it is. As for the better blockchain technology companies in the green food product industry, we have not seen them for the time being.

Research Institute: What will be the blockchain application with tens of millions of daily activities in 2020?

Ali Dharma Academy: Large-scale production-level blockchain applications with a daily life of more than 10 million will enter the public

On January 2, Ali Dharma Academy announced the top ten technology trends in 2020, including "scale production-level blockchain applications will enter the public." The white paper states that the blockchain BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) service will further reduce the threshold for enterprises to apply blockchain technology. Hardware chips such as end-, cloud- and chain-hardened core algorithms designed specifically for blockchain will also be applied It will realize the anchoring of physical world assets and on-chain assets, further expand the boundary of the value Internet, and realize the interconnection of Wanchain. In the future, a large number of innovative blockchain application scenarios and multi-dimensional collaborations across industries and ecology will emerge. Large-scale production-level blockchain applications with a daily life of more than 10 million will enter the public.


This is the second time that the Dharma Institute has released the top ten technology predictions since its establishment in 2017.The blockchain has been mentioned for two consecutive years. In the 2019 technology forecast, the blockchain ranked ninth. At that time, the statement was "blockchain returns to rationality, and commercial applications accelerate." This year, the blockchain has risen to sixth place, with the expression "large-scale production-level blockchain applications will enter the public." From the return to rationality to the emergence of large-scale production-level blockchain applications, it actually reflects Alibaba's progress on the blockchain. At present, Alibaba has the most blockchain patents in the world, with more than 50 landing scenarios.

Application landing: government affairs, smart cities, and finance remain the focus

Ping An Group cooperates with Shenzhen Taxation Bureau to utilize blockchain and other technologies

On January 3, China Ping An Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd. (Ping An Group) signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the Shenzhen Municipal Administration of Taxation of the State Administration of Taxation. The two parties are willing to carry out in-depth cooperation based on their own advantages. Data, cloud computing and other technologies will help Shenzhen taxation achieve integrated management of "tickets, finances, taxes, and capital", a one-stop service for all types of taxpayers, and promote the integration of tax practice and financial technology in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to create "Smart tax" national model project.

Hunan Agricultural Bank: Signs strategic agreement with Tencent Cloud to provide blockchain support for smart city construction

On January 2nd, Tencent Cloud and Hunan Branch of Agricultural Bank of China signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Changsha. Both parties will deepen cooperation in the construction of smart cities and financial technology innovation in Hunan Province. Hunan Agricultural Bank will rely on its own advantages to provide financial services such as bank accounts, payment settlement, and wealth management financing for smart cities.Tencent Cloud will be based on technological innovations in cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet of Things, security and other technologies. Experience, providing resources, platforms and technical support for the implementation of the solution.

Everbright Bank: Blockchain cloud platform officially launched, will accelerate the innovation and landing of blockchain applications

A few days ago, China Everbright Bank's blockchain cloud platform (BaaS platform) was formally put into production. The BaaS platform relies on cloud computing services to build a set of basic blockchain frameworks and delivery-type operating forms. Through the “out-of-the-box” feature, it will quickly build blockchain services suitable for various fields and promote blockchain technology. It is integrated with business scenarios to provide support and acceleration for blockchain business application innovation and landing.

Beijing: Real estate registration service APP launched, using blockchain technology for anti-counterfeit deposit certificate

According to Beijing Daily from the Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Commission, from January 2nd, Beijing officially launched an electronic certificate for real estate registration. The types of real estate registration electronic certificates include "real estate property certificate" and "real estate registration certificate". After the registration of the real estate rights or matters, the electronic certificate of real estate registration will be automatically generated after completing the registration. All real estate registration electronic certificates have been anti-counterfeit deposit certificates through blockchain technology, which can be previewed and downloaded.

Guangdong: Launching SME financing platform, issuing the nation's first unsecured blockchain loan

On January 2nd, Guangdong Province's SME financing platform was officially released in Guangzhou, and the nation's first online unsecured blockchain financing loan was issued. At present, Guangdong Province's SME financing platform has accessed 213 types of government data from 26 government agencies. The comprehensive collection of information on more than 11 million enterprises across the province, and corporate risk ratings and portraits, is the first platform in the country to conduct commercial credit analysis and evaluation of small and medium-sized enterprises across the province. The platform has been linked with Ant Financial and Baixing Credit Reporting, and it will build a financial service ecology for SMEs in the future.

Tianjin: Launch of the nation's first provincial blockchain Xinyi loan platform

On December 31, 2019, Tianjin's comprehensive credit service platform for SME financing (referred to as "Tianjin Xinyi Loan Platform") was officially launched. The platform has attracted the first batch of 49 institutions and 75 products, which can serve 800,000 enterprises, and promote the solution of "bank-enterprise information asymmetry" and the difficulty and financing of SMEs.

Guangzhou Metro: First Blockchain Electronic Invoice Issued

Under the guidance of the State Administration of Taxation, Guangzhou Municipal Taxation Bureau, Guangzhou Metro issued the first blockchain electronic invoice on January 1, 2020, marking the application of blockchain electronic invoice in the public transportation industry in Guangzhou. It is expected that 1 Before mid-month, it will be launched on the Guangzhou Metro official app.


Government affairs, smart cities, and finance are still the main scenarios for blockchain landing.

Listed companies: the potential of blockchain technology companies is unleashed

Evergreen: Will build an information system based on blockchain technology with Zhongxiang Bit and Shenzhen Jilian

On January 6, Evergreen issued an announcement saying that it signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Zhongxiang Bit and Shenzhen Jilian to jointly build an industrial control system based on the underlying technology of the blockchain and the application of the blockchain chip, and jointly build a block-based Information system with chain technology.

Xianhe Environmental Protection: The company actively deploys the application of blockchain technology in the field of ecological environment

On December 30, 2019, Xianhe Environmental Protection answered investors' questions on the interactive platform and stated that the company is actively deploying the application of blockchain technology in the field of ecological environment and has designed a secure storage architecture for massive environmental protection data based on blockchain technology. A method and a patent application for an automatic atmospheric quality monitoring system based on blockchain technology are filed. The above-mentioned technology can further ensure the security, reliability, authenticity, non-tampering, non-forgery, and traceable source of environmental monitoring IoT data.


Listed companies have deep industrial resources, but for the technical capabilities of the blockchain, apart from Financial One Account, we have not seen anything particularly outstanding. In 2020, blockchain technology companies that have completed early technology accumulation will begin to work harder, and there will be more cooperation with listed companies, and the head effect is expected to be further strengthened.

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