Compared with the original chain of the original chain in 2020, MOV, more than the original, Bystack, more than the original

In 2019, this is the second year of trouble-free operation of the original chain. This year, Biaoyuan brought many surprises.

For example, the Bystack Baas platform of a multi-lateral institution is launched, which provides developers with a one-stop solution for blockchain capabilities. For example, the Bystack sidechain Vapor is online, with a performance limit of 160,000 transactions per second. For example, based on the application of Biyuanchain, cross-chain transaction, logistics, and payment applications have been established in China, Europe, and the United States. Hangzhou ’s first government blockchain system “Government Service Chain” and Wuzhen ’s waste disposal The projects have also used the original chain technology. This year, the Asic mining machine B7 went online, and the computing power got rid of the influence of GPU and entered a stable development stage …

In 2020, what plans does Biyuanchain's technical team have? What is the mysterious MOV economic system? What surprises will Defi bring to the original chain? What kind of breakthrough will there be in landing applications?

On January 6, BiyuanChain CEO Lang Yu and BiyuanChain CTO James (Zhu Yiqi), as the passenger chain node AMA, accepted sharp questions from netizens.

Than the original chain AMA

Beyond the original chain official 2020 3 core goals:

Productization: Productization of technology. The original technology (ideas and algorithms) is visualized as a user-oriented product, and it can be operated and commercialized.

Innovation: Innovation forward-looking. Basic protocol layer: A general cross-chain open gateway protocol is proposed, which has made a breakthrough in the frontier field of Layer2. Application layer: DEFI field continues to design valuable new business models.

Leadership: Always at the forefront of the industry. It puts forward more development ideas from the concept, and launches a universal blockchain application development stack from a practical level to increase the influence and application scope of Bytom technology.

2020 Roadmap given by the original chain official

Q1 (first quarter):

▲ The open gateway protocol based on the multi-signature and threshold hybrid cryptography scheme supports decentralized asset cross-chains from the original main chain, side chain and mainstream public chains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

▲ The first two-layer protocol Mov, a magnetic contract based asset exchange agreement, was launched on the Vapor side chain, opening the chapter of the Mov economic system.

▲ Based on Bystack architecture, put forward a complete enterprise-level blockchain application framework (Devchain) specification, including identity, contract, privacy, consensus, cross-chain, asset trading and other component modules

Q2 (second quarter):

▲ Introduced the Blockchain App multilingual complete SDK.

▲ Explore DEFI applications, build open ecological BApps on the chain based on the MOV protocol, and commit to launching multiple actual products with partners.

▲ Complete the development of some modules of Devchain.

Q3 (third quarter):

▲ Introduced a complete Devchain ToolStack, which is compatible with the existing API interface specifications of well-known alliance chains.

▲ The overall agreement of the Bytom public chain is upgraded.

▲ Big original chain DEVCON3 developer conference.

Q4 (fourth quarter):

▲ Multi-domain enterprise-level application cases launch complete end-to-end solutions. ▲ Accumulate blockchain-related intellectual property rights, participate in the development of IEEE blockchain standards, DID standards, MPC alliance standards in academics, and obtain results.

The following is a wonderful question and answer of the chain node AMA, organized by Babbitt. Community netizen BitPeter asks: What is the plan of Biyuan Chain in 2020? What is positioning? What are the advantages compared to other public chains?

Long Yu answer:

The core of Bi Yuan is still concerned about the general direction set by the foundation, which greatly promotes Bi Yuan's living space in a limited and legal field. In 2020, there will be a series of industry side chains.

The original positioning has not changed-the assets are on the chain, and the atomic assets have crossed to digital assets. Bieyuan will eventually realize the "gaseous" circulation of financial assets.

The original is "the main side crosses the Trinity", and it is a broader blockchain application platform based on the public chain Bytom, which is not just the public chain.

James answers:

The development of MOV is nearing completion, and all code progress can be seen on Github. The test network is now running stably, and the main network can go online at any time after legal compliance.

Community netizen Asia Copper asks: What is the true driving force of MOV for Defi?

James answers:

Many financial models ultimately fail because of the "human" point, but off-chain assets cannot avoid the "human" link. When assets flow on the chain through MOV, in fact, the "person" point is replaced by "chain", so that applications that cannot operate under the traditional model are tried on the original chain.

Community netizen overman asked, Ethereum has a first-mover advantage and a large market value advantage on Defi. How does Bytom develop in this field?

Long Yu answer:

The big market value is because there are many applications and many users, not the other way around. How to grow MOV is the essence of innovation and entrepreneurship. MOV is not only a stable coin similar to MakerDao, it is a comprehensive platform that can cross all chains. The stablecoin will be launched on MOV. It is better than the original, and it has more valuable assets than the original public chain. Stablecoins are an algorithmic implementation of a package of digital currencies, which not only includes BTM, or that BTM accounts for a small proportion of them.

Community netizen Yun Lei asked: With the MOV technology, how to let users use Defi products on the original chain? Why not go to Ethereum?

Long Yu answer:

1. Because there is incentive, there is no incentive to play DEFI on Ethereum; 2. DEFI is more efficient and the transaction speed is faster on MOV protocol; 3. It will do better than the original chain operation and experience.

Community netizens went to Haifahu and asked: Why did you intend to complete the cross-chain technology implementation in 2020 than the original chain, and how is it different from Cosmos and Boca?

James answers:

The healthy development model should be the need to promote technology development, not because a certain technology is cool and it must be made first before finding a landing place. The core reason why Bethanal began to cross-chain in 2019 is that the MOV ecosystem needs to span more assets on the chain than the original chain, and the existing cross-chain solution cannot meet this demand.

Long Yu answer:

Boca is more a cross-chain platform, with a wider scope than the original chain. Cross-chain is only part of our system. Other cross-chain technologies did not really run, a step faster than the original chain.

Community netizens are like fog and electricity. Q: Is the value of the public chain only speculative? Not seeing the application?

Long Yu answer:

Whether the application has value is not to say that it can get users to fry. It is already worthwhile. There are practical applications in many places, but there is no token circulation on it. We will adhere to the direction of doing business and do our best to explore applications that see promise.

Community netizen Hangzhou Peng Yuyan asked: Does the original chain focus on technology instead of landing? What is the value of Bystck compared to the original chain?

Long Yu answer:

Technology, compliance, application, and ecology should be mutually reinforcing, and they will not be more equal than the original team. In 2020, Bihara will promote the MOV ecology and maintain the leading position in the industry. In addition, the TO B and TO G business are to promote the Bystack platform of "one master, multi-sided architecture". BTM is the main concept in this, which is a general direction compared to the original application. The project itself is good for BTM. MOV is better than original, Bystack is better than original.

Community netizen Lames asked: What are the projects currently being developed around Bystack?

James answers:

There are several sub-projects developed around Bystack, of which 1, 2, 3 are interrelated. 1. MOV's magnetic contract agreement; 2. Defi stable coin ecology; 3. OFMF's open gateway protocol; 4. Bystack's cloud service platform.

Community netizen Tianlonglong asked: In 2020, in addition to improving the MOV decentralized cross-chain protocol, why did the original chain team attach great importance to the specifications of the enterprise-level blockchain application framework (Devchain) based on the Bystack architecture?

Long Yu answer:

The framework specification is a module composed of identity, contract, privacy, consensus, cross-chain, asset transactions, etc. With it, you can quickly copy blockchain applications to different fields and different platforms. For example, I make a data storage system, which can be used as a traceability application by replacing one of the modules. People who change these modules do not need to fully understand the underlying mechanism of the blockchain, as long as they understand the business. It can lower the threshold for developers to develop blockchain products.

In 2020, we expect that Biotech can be embedded in industrial and commercial applications. The goal of 2020 is to commercialize technology. 2019 is more about practicing internal skills and exploring directions.

Community netizen Gordon Brother asked: The country does not allow the issuance of coins, and making a currencyless chain means that we should also move in this direction now?

Long Yu answer:

Compliance is not doing illegal things. In areas where legal construction is currently underdeveloped, self-restriction is even more necessary.

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