Gartner Director: It Takes One to Two Years To Inspire Meaningful Decentralized Identity Adoption

According to Computer World, in recent years, people have been disappointed by the growing number of privacy and security breaches, which has driven the creation of digital identities, which are controlled only by the owner of the information. These digital identities, called "autonomous identities," will be used by consumers, businesses, employees and governments to verify everything in the years to come, from credit worth and university diplomas to licenses and B2B credentials. Homan Farahmand, senior research director at Gartner, said, "We are gradually improving. It will take one to two years for us to have reliable capabilities to stimulate meaningful decentralized identity adoption. One of the main things for organizations is The non-technical obstacle is to learn the concept and take the necessary steps to properly adjust their business processes to fit a decentralized identity ecosystem. "More and more organizations are seeking to better understand blockchain-based Decentralized identity technology. Currently, there are more proof-of-concept projects involving a few organizations than production systems. According to Farahmand, these pilot projects are being tested in areas such as government, financial services, insurance, healthcare, energy and manufacturing, and do not yet form a complete ecosystem. "While these projects have helped to identify gaps in governance, user experience, standardization, and interoperability, no one has yet risen to a decentralized ecosystem to guide widespread adoption.