Digital Securities Research Report 2019: What is preventing it from becoming mainstream? What to expect in 2020?

2019 is a year of booming digital securities (STO), which is different from the sloppy ICO model before. Digital securities have been injected with the genes of compliance since the day of their birth. Global governments, financial institutions, and investment funds have been embracing this innovative finance. Most of the models are open-minded, and some blockchain companies take the lead in eating "crabs" and have developed a number of outstanding companies focusing on digital securities technology, issuance and trading, such as Polymath, Harbor, Securitize, tZERO, and OpenFinance. This model quickly secured financing.

Although under the strong supervision, digital securities have also experienced unrecognized anxiety and faced many challenges, but the pace of financial innovation has never stopped. Digital securities based on blockchain technology are constantly spawning new species, new models and new formats in the financial field. It is foreseeable that a more dynamic and efficient digital securities ecosystem is taking shape.

Looking forward to 2020, the development of the digital securities industry may present the following seven trends:

  • Digital securities infrastructure accelerates construction
  • The integration of digital securities and traditional finance is further deepened
  • Financial giants and venture capital-intensive admissions accelerate ecological construction
  • Investors and companies deepen their understanding of digital securities
  • More startups choose digital securities offerings
  • Government develops compliance framework for digital securities
  • Digital securities continue to face strong regulation

In order to show the development context and ecological evolution of the digital securities industry in a panoramic view in 2019, we today released the annual STO report-"Digital Securities (STO) Research Report-2019", hoping to provide everyone with a deep understanding of the digital securities industry. And materials, and also contribute to building a new world of digital finance in the future.

For a PDF version of the report, please follow the “Crypto Finance Lab” public account, enter “Report” in the input box, and click the link to download.

The following is the full report: