Proposal for the construction of the Changsha Quality Chain with Blockchain by the China Democratic League ’s Changsha Municipal Party Committee

Hu Henghua, member of the Standing Committee of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Hu Zhongxiong, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, mayor, and secretary of the Hunan Xiangjiang New District Party Working Committee, recently issued instructions on 12 conference proposals and asked relevant departments to study and handle them. Regarding how to protect the common people's "security on the tip of the tongue", the "Proposal on Building a Changsha Quality Chain with a Blockchain to Ensure" Security on the Tip of a Tongue "" submitted by the Changsha Municipal Party Committee of the China Democratic League states that building a quality chain with a blockchain Shaping the food distribution system, achieving new breakthroughs in standard upgrades, quality management, high-end brands, and quality research, and creating a "Changsha model" of food safety supervision. Hu Henghua commented on this proposal: "A good entry point, please ask the Market Supervision Bureau to study."