Telegram official reminder: Gram won't help you get rich

This article is from the official Telegram blog , translator of Odaily Planet Daily | Yu Shunsui

On January 6, Telegram officially released "Announcement on TON Blockchain and Gram", the original text is as follows:

You may have heard that since 2017, the Telegram team has been developing a new blockchain platform, the TON blockchain and the local cryptocurrency Gram. We hope that through this project, Gram will become a true complement to traditional currencies and improve the speed, efficiency and security of daily business transactions worldwide. We believe that the TON blockchain technology will create a stable ecosystem and have significant improvements over previous platforms in terms of speed, availability and scalability.

Regarding the details of this project, the media continued to rumour and speculation. Telegram has been careful not to talk about these rumors in public, and at the same time we continue to build the TON blockchain platform and work out the exact details of the project to ensure that the TON blockchain and Gram can operate in a manner that complies with all relevant laws and regulations.

In light of recent events, we want to take the time to clarify some aspects of the TON blockchain and Gram publicly as we continue to prepare for the successful launch of the project.

We provide a brief summary of the paragraphs in this article in simple terms, in the same format as this paragraph.

No one can buy or sell Gram yet

First, we noticed that some sites seemed to be offering Gram to the public. These sites sometimes refer to these offers as "pre-sale of tokens," and some sites pretend to be associated with Telegram. As we have warned you many times, these are not the official Telegram websites, they are not affiliated with Telegram, and no Gram has been released to anyone at this time. Telegram and any of its affiliates are not involved in any public sale or pre-sale of Gram. In contrast, the platform TON blockchain required for Gram to run is still in Beta testing phase, you can visit the Beta testing website . Only after the TON blockchain is launched will Gram be created and available for purchase.

Summary: Gram doesn't exist yet, and no one can buy or sell them until we announce the launch of the TON blockchain. Don't be deceived.

TON will be decentralized and maintained by third parties

Secondly, if you are considering whether to buy Gram after the launch of the TON blockchain platform, we hope you know something. After the release of the TON blockchain platform, Telegram and its subsidiaries did not make any commitment to develop any applications or functions for the TON blockchain or contribute to the TON blockchain platform in any way. In fact, Telegram may never do this. Instead, Telegram's goal and hope is that a decentralized community of third-party developers and others will contribute to the TON ecosystem by developing applications and smart contracts. Third parties and communities will be solely responsible for adopting and implementing such applications or smart contracts on the TON blockchain in the way they choose. Telegram does not and cannot guarantee that anyone will adopt or implement these features or provide these services at any given timeline or at all.

Summary: We are creating a decentralized platform for everyone. Once it launches, Telegram has no obligation to maintain the platform or create any applications for it. Chances are we will never.

Telegram will not be able to control TON

The TON blockchain code will always be open source and publicly visible. Once launched, Telegram will have the same status as any other party in the TON blockchain and will have no control, no privileges, or any management responsibility over the TON blockchain.

Telegram or its employees may (but do not commit to) holding Gram after the release of the TON blockchain. In this case, they will not participate in voting or verification related to the TON blockchain. This voluntary decision was made to avoid the perception that Telegram or its employees can or will take control of the TON blockchain after its release.

Summary: After the project goes live, Telegram will not be able to control the blockchain and ecosystem, just as the architects who design the skyscraper cannot control what will happen after the building is completed-including what will be built around, inside or on top of the building.

Gram will not help you get rich

Third, you should not expect to make any profit based on buying or holding Gram, nor is Telegram promising that you will make any profit. Gram is designed to serve as a medium of exchange between users in the TON ecosystem. Gram is not an investment product and you should not expect future profits or gains from buying, selling, or holding Gram.

Gram does not represent:

  • Any equity or other ownership interest in Telegram or its affiliates;
  • Any right to receive dividends or other distribution rights from Telegram or its affiliates;
  • Any governance rights of Telegram or its affiliates.

Summary: If you bought Gram at some point in the future, this does not mean that you "own the Telegram." Gram does not give its holders any special rights, just as owning the euro does not give you EU shares.

When deciding whether to buy Gram, you should be fully aware that the value of Gram may decrease over time and may even lose all of its monetary value. There are many risks associated with buying cryptocurrencies such as Gram, including the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, the possibility of strengthening the regulation of cryptocurrency exchanges, and other risks.

Summary: Dealing with cryptocurrencies is risky. In fact, due to a large number of external factors, you may actually make you poorer than you are now.

If you have heard of TON

Finally, we would like to further clarify some technical and governance aspects of the TON blockchain. Please note that to the extent of any conflict or potential conflict, the following is intended to replace and replace all previous materials or communications about the TON blockchain and Gram, including any previous communications or materials of the TON white paper, Telegram, or anyone else Information and details specified in:

(1) Telegram has no obligation or commitment to establish a TON Foundation or similar entity in the future.

(2) When the TON blockchain is launched at the expected time, Telegram's TON Wallet application is expected to be provided only on an independent basis and will not be integrated with the Telegram Messenger service. In this regard, TON Wallet is expected to compete with any other wallet application designed and provided by a third party. Telegram may integrate the Ton Wallet application with the Telegram Messenger service to the extent permitted by applicable laws and government authorities in the future.

Telegram reserves the right to further add, clarify or modify these or any other aspects of the TON blockchain or Gram. As we get closer to the expected release of the TON blockchain, we look forward to providing more information.