2050 Conference | Weizhong Bank Su Xiaokang: The public alliance chain is the key infrastructure of smart cities

Babbitt reported that on the morning of April 27th, the "2050 Conference · 'Building a Smart City on the Blockchain' Newborn Forum" jointly sponsored by Babbitt and Zinc Link was held in Yunqi Town, Hangzhou. Su Xiaokang, head of application research and development of Weizhong Bank blockchain, said at the forum that smart cities have objective requirements for physical identity authentication and trusted data exchange, but at this stage there are problems such as data silos and data abuse. He pointed out that the public alliance chain (the alliance chain that provides services to the public) is the key infrastructure of smart cities, with open source, multi-centered, interoperable, privacy protection, portability and scalability. In the future, the public alliance chain will present an ecosystem of multi-chain coexistence and mutual cooperation. The “public alliance chain + government affairs” will also play a key role in smart cities.