2050 Conference | Changhong Information Security Lab Tang Bo: "Blockchain + Internet of Things" can realize the personalized needs of smart home appliances

Babbitt reported that on the morning of April 27th, the "2050 Conference · 'Building a Smart City on the Blockchain' Newborn Forum" jointly sponsored by Babbitt and Zinc Link was held in Yunqi Town, Hangzhou. Tang Bo, chief scientist of Sichuan Changhong Information Security Lab, shared the application of blockchain in the Internet of Everything at the forum. He pointed out that in the future, users' personalized demand for smart appliances will be stronger than that of IoT devices and data security. The challenge is how a multi-centered platform can achieve mutual trust, motivation and transparency, and how devices can achieve trust and security. He said that it can build a blockchain-based IoT interconnection solution, connect smart devices through the “Internet of Things Passport”, connect the platform and users through the contract, and connect the devices in the global, sub-regional and sub-scenarios from top to bottom. Use the alliance chain to connect with regulators, brand manufacturers and end users to truly realize a "user-centric" smart life.