Anson Securities: 2020 is the first year of global central bank digital currencies

Anxin Securities issued a statement saying that the central bank's digital currency is expected to have a global resonance in 2020. 2019 is the turning year for central bank digital currencies, and 2020 is the first year for global central bank digital currencies. Sorting out the global dynamics, it can be clearly felt that the global central banks are accelerating to cope with Libra planned to be promoted in 2020, and the global central bank digital currency competition has begun. The digital currency of the central bank is an inevitable trend for the upgrading of the financial system. 1) External factors: Libra sounds the alarm of national currency sovereignty, and it is imperative to issue central bank digital currency. 2) Internal considerations: The central bank's digital currency can reduce the cost of traditional banknote issuance and circulation, and improve the convenience of economic transaction activities; it can improve the efficiency of monitoring currency operations and enrich monetary policy means.