Media: Bitmain layoffs or up to 50%, AI chip business is the hardest hit area

According to interface news reports, Bitmain's large-scale layoff program has begun. A Bitmain employee who was laid off revealed to reporters: “The layoffs started last Thursday. This time, we mainly lay off new employees, and many professional managers have gone.” The laid-off employees also said that this round of layoffs The proportion may be as high as 50%. However, the news has not been confirmed by Bitmain, and another person familiar with Bitmain's situation said that the size of the round of layoffs may be 30%. It is reported that the current number of employees in Bitmain is about 1,500. Among them, the AI ​​chip business is the hardest hit area in this round of layoffs, and the proportion may be higher than 50%. The new CEO of the AI ​​business line "Fengfeng", Wang Jun, said in an interview with Caixin after taking office that the AI ​​business line will inevitably shrink in the future. In the strategic direction, it will shift from the previously scattered project level to focus on scalable Easy to mass-produce products. Wang Jun also said that his top priority after taking over as CEO is "to find a way to quickly sort out the business, formulate a future strategic plan, and bring the team together."