Dong Yang, Renmin University of China: At present, blockchain and other technologies are developing very fast. Monopoly data should be prevented.

On January 5th, the "International Competition Cases and Enlightenment on Data Competition" seminar co-sponsored by the Central Party School's Department of Politics and Law, the State Administration of Market Supervision, Renmin University of China's Rule of Law Research Center, and the Renmin University Law School was held in Beijing. At the meeting, Yang Dong, executive director of the Institute of Competition Law of Renmin University of China pointed out that although China has achieved legislative breakthroughs and achievements, the current Internet, computer, including Internet information service industry, and blockchain technology are developing very rapidly. If the Internet has a certain market monopoly power and control power in the relevant market, it will form a huge platform. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze such core resource company platforms for data traffic entrances to prevent them from monopolizing data and using data exclusively. , Unwilling to open data to promote fair competition among enterprises.