In 2019, I was on the spot | 15 of the "most" found from 736 articles, which one do you like best?

When you look at the circle of friends a year ago, or even half a year ago, will there be a natural sense of shame? If the answer is yes, congratulations, you have grown up.

When I received the year-end curated topic, my heart was resisting, but the KPI was helpless like a mountain, so I was out of breath … Okay, I'm not talking about these unhappy ones. Back to the parable of the circle of friends, when I started to look at the manuscripts issued this year, I also had a thought in my heart, "Why did I choose such a question?"


(The editor said that the Chinese New Year's photos are more festive. Do you like pineapples?)

I am the cute little Wendy of Babbitt. My daily life is soaking in major overseas news sites and I have watched a lot of big names on social media (I like to watch business (si) flow (bi)). In the past 2019, I posted 736 articles. Was I scared by my professionalism?

They all say "one day in your circle, one year in the world", or "there's no dull days in crypto world" in the words of foreigners, which can also be seen from my article. I usually focus on the dynamics of overseas communities. As we enter 2020, I also hope to sort out what foreigners have done in the past year. Through the "15 Best", I will take you to the overseas community.

The following rankings are in no particular order, purely according to my mood:

The most inescapable topic

When is Bitcoin going up? Why is Bitcoin up? I believe this is the answer most people are looking for every day. From the data point of view, market analysis articles can indeed attract more traffic. When you are tirelessly searching for currency prices and market news, have you ever thought that Xiaobian really has a hard time writing (bian)?

In addition to various wave theories and technical analysis, the most common article in the market is "touching the porcelain": the global situation is turbulent, and Bitcoin will rise; Bakkt will launch a Bitcoin contract, and Bitcoin will rise … Sure enough, two days Many people have asked: Is Iran and the United States arguing, is Bitcoin going to rise? And I just want to leave them a polite smile.

The cryptocurrency market is actually still a market dominated by emotions. Numerous good news may be one of the factors driving the rise of the currency price, but it is more related to the psychology of investors.

So, read more and read more, hodl is right.

Original link: "Babbitt Perspectives | Why is Bitcoin up?" I can write three days and three nights

Highest appearance rate

Libra is definitely the project with the highest appearance rate this year. On June 18, following the release of the Libra white paper, Zuckerberg, the man behind Facebook, wrote that an exciting journey has begun.

"We know this is a major task and responsibility, and we are determined to do it well," he said.

As Zuckerberg puts it, Libra faces challenges from regulators externally, and loses several powerful members internally. Many people question Facebook's motivations, and while they haven't brought billions of users to the cryptocurrency world, they have at least put cryptocurrencies into the mainstream.

Original link: "Mark Zuckerberg's personal letter: Libra release, an exciting journey begins"

Sand sculpture

In fact, the sand sculpture news in this year's circle is not less than that of 1818 golden eyes. Fang improvement agreement) I forgot, but if you want to say which news is both sand sculpture and deep thinking, I think I will choose this.

Ivan Komar started the ICO project at the age of 19, but due to the wrong timing, his project failed to catch up with the "cryptocurrency fever", so he chose to auction his project on eBay. Starting at $ 60,000, you can buy a piece of history.

This is the thinking left to us after the frenzy period. When everyone wants to use new concepts to make money, this market will sooner or later decline. The development of any new technology will eventually "leave the bubble and see the moon."

Original link: "eBay appears in ICO auction, this project starts at $ 60,000"

Most emotional

Established in 2012, LocalBitcoins is the most used P2P trading platform in the circle, especially in some countries without exchanges. However, in March last year, the platform suddenly announced that it would start doing KYC and AML to comply with the regulatory rules of Finland where it was registered.

This is as miserable for many early people as the goddess who has been chasing for a long time in her school days. The well-known Bitcoin forum Bitcointalk deliberately posted a few days later on April Fools' Day saying that it would be a taunt of LocalBitcoins to post KYC.

Although it is impressive, isn't it a great thing for your goddess to find her destination from another perspective? It was also mentioned in the listening to the 2020 New Year's speech on December 27 last year that the blockchain industry has shifted from rough to standardized, and the improvement of the regulation itself is also a positive driving force for the industry.

Original link: "The End of Anonymous Transactions: LocalBitcoins Will Implement KYC and AML Rules"

Most mysterious

I have seen an exchange that was suddenly maintained, but I have n’t seen an exchange that said the founder died unfortunately after maintenance. QuartigaCX is such an exchange.

Earlier this year, QuardigaCX announced its founder's unfortunate death in India a few weeks after the outage, and the company's cold wallet's private key has been kept by their founder, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in assets. Due to the huge amount of funds involved, various conspiracy theories have emerged, and some have even speculated that the founder of QuardigaCX scammed to die for the money.

No matter what the truth is, I think that for users, the most important thing is to choose the right exchange, and at the same time, to choose a safe deposit method. Independent control of the private key is the king.

Original link: "After a few days of outage, this exchange suddenly said that the private key was lost"

The most beautiful accident

In July 2019, Deutsche Bank, Germany's largest bank, announced that it would lay off 18,000 people worldwide and launched a corporate restructuring plan. People who eat melon have to ask, what does this have to do with Bitcoin?

Coincidentally, bitcoin appeared on the news pictures used by major financial media to make headlines. The reporter captured a man carrying a bitcoin printed canvas bag.

At the time, some netizens joked that "the first employee fired by Deutsche Bank was carrying a Bitcoin bag, and it seems he has found a new job." Although it was finally confirmed that the man in the picture just happened to come to help the bank employee customize the suit, But this is also the "most beautiful accident" between Bitcoin and banks.

Original link: "Deutsche Bank lays off tens of thousands of people, bitcoin is on fire again, what's the matter? 》

The most controversial team

Coinbase has always been a team that people love and hate overseas. It was established earlier and has a broader business coverage (not just exchanges). It is a step ahead in terms of compliance; however, there are also occasions when things go wrong.

Last February, Coinbase acquired blockchain analytics company Neutrino. This was a simple acquisition, but the "remove Coinbase" campaign was triggered by the head of Neutrino. The head of this team was previously a member of a human rights hacking group, which led to community dissatisfaction. In the end, all members of the Neutrino team related to the hacker group were fired.

In addition, Coinbase's move to list XRP has also caused controversy. Many people believe that XRP enjoys absolute control by Ripple and is not considered a real cryptocurrency; moreover, XRP does not have a clear definition in the supervision, which runs counter to the principle of Coinbase compliance.

Coinbase, which became a recruit in the first half of last year, seems to have improved in the next half of the year. From joining the Libra Association to investing in DeFi projects, it has proved the vitality of this team. Coinbase's founders often comment on the development of the industry, and we have to admit that this company has a positive role in promoting the development of the cryptocurrency industry.

Original link: "From the launch of XRP to the acquisition team, should we forgive Coinbase? 》

The most "bad" terrier

Every year, every month, sometimes even every day, people say they are Satoshi Nakamoto, or have clues about Satoshi Nakamoto's identity. Some of them are for marketing, some are purely for the attention of bloggers, and some are not even what they want to do.

Especially John McAfee, the most psychedelic person in the circle (and, of course, outside the circle). This person is the developer of the anti-virus software McAfee, who had run for the US president, had predicted that Bitcoin would reach $ 1 million, and had done all kinds of crazy things.

He suddenly said in April last year that he knew who Satoshi Nakamoto was, and he had contact with Ta. As usual, this last thing is gone.

In fact, it doesn't matter who Satoshi Nakamoto is, what's important is what he brings to us.

Original link: "John McAfee: I know who is Satoshi Nakamoto"

Most anticipated

Last summer, when everyone was not ready for Double Eleven, Forbes said that the Chinese central bank will launch the digital currency DC / EP on the day of Double 11. At that time, it was almost three months before the Double Eleven, and when everyone believed it was true, a rumor emerged.

From this, we can see that overseas communities are really "desperate" for DC / EP in China. Zuckerberg also mentioned the "China threat theory" many times during the hearing, and wanted to make something that would defeat Alipay and WeChat Pay.

It seems DC / EP is really worth looking forward to!

Original link: "Forbes claims that the central bank's digital currency was launched as early as November this year, close to central bank sources: this is an inaccurate guess"

Hottest item

Last year, a large number of star projects emerged overseas. The explosion of these projects also explained the market attention from the side, including DeFi, sharding, staking, and expansion.

The emergence of new technologies and new projects need to go through the test of time. Bitcoin has spent more than 10 years proving itself. Will the same strong ecology emerge in the future? We will wait and see.

Original link: "Interview with Babbitt | Is it a bear market or a bull market?" Is DeFi the future? A large wave of overseas star teams accepted our soul torture "

The most canola event

"This is a timely event for the blockchain industry."

This is my friend Xiangyu's evaluation of the Second World Blockchain Conference · Wuzhen. I prefer to describe it as the most "canola flower" (talented) event.

This event was held after the 1024 speech, and I felt the enthusiasm of tens of thousands of blockchain enthusiasts at the scene. Here, big factories shared their own block chain diagrams, and technologies such as privacy computing, zero-knowledge proof, smart contracts, and cross-chain got their names right.

If you want to ask us if this event will predict the future in such a timely manner, then the author can only answer: Come to the blockchain world and let you see the future 🙂 When writing this stalk, the corners of my mouth rose wildly.

World Blockchain Conference · Wuzhen

The most "free" founder

To run nearly a hundred events a year, Vitalik, who publishes long texts every day, is nicknamed the founder of the most "doing nothing".

I saw him for the second time at a Babbit accelerator event last September, a baby. After Ethereum is on the right track, we see Vitalik appearing more and more in offline events. He is committed to exploring the technical problems that the blockchain needs to solve, and also involves some interdisciplinary topics.

I think the reason why Vitalik is so "free" is that on the one hand, it is not enough to have technology for a project, but also to publicize and interact with the community. On the other hand, Vitalik has always been regarded as the backbone of Ethereum. He himself In interviews, I have repeatedly stated that in the future, I hope to weaken my right to speak in project decision-making and dilute his influence.

No matter how controversial his decision in the DAO hard fork in his early years, his contribution to the blockchain community cannot be underestimated.

Original link: "Babbitt Exclusive | When does Ethereum 2.0 come?" Is Poca an enemy or a friend? Vitalik live talk

Most expected interviewees

Jamie is a 100% pure businessman who is the founder of blockchain investment company Outlier Ventures. In an interview with the author, he revealed their layout in various fields, and the ultimate goal is to open up the entire blockchain industry. he told me:

"We are businessmen. We are not liberals. For us, cryptocurrency is not politics. It is a business."

His purely commercial idea made me suddenly bright. Four years ago, when I first entered this industry, everyone was mentioning decentralization, anti-censorship, and immutability. Today, four years later, more and more people are beginning to realize that the development of blockchain is not just technology It also requires some business planning.

Original link: "Interview with Babbitt | Jamie Burke, founder of Outlier Ventures: We have been in the industry for 6 years"

Most mysterious character

This story is actually my favorite in 2019, but it doesn't seem to cause much waves in the domestic community. Hodlonaut can be said to be an influencer of overseas communities, all of which are due to CSW.

Because CSW repeatedly claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, Twitter netizen Hodlonaut had persistently dissitated it, which angered CSW. He even offered a reward of $ 5,000 to find the netizen and file a lawsuit against him. In order to show their support for Hodlonaut, many community members have changed their nickname to Hodlonaut, their avatars have also changed to Hodlonaut's iconic cosmic cat, and launched a "Everyone is Hodlonaut" campaign on Twitter. Even lawyers have offered to defend him for free.

Until now, we do not know who Hodlonaut is, but this spontaneous activity by the community made me feel the strength and temperature of the community.

Original link: "Who is Hodlonaut?" CSW is looking for him, Bitcoin community is protecting him "

Which one do you like best?

Station B (Bilibili) once again attracted a large amount of traffic with a New Year's Eve party. When other video websites are vying for the rights to broadcast live broadcasts of David's New Year's Eve, station B decided to host a party on its own.

The party was hailed as "the party that knows most young people." Some netizens said, "We don't know how the next decade … but at least from here, this is the most beautiful night." Some people even exclaimed "finally The audience looked at it! "

The success of the New Year's Eve Party in Station B also gave me new thinking. The immutable content has been unable to impress users. What we have to do is to go deeper into the user community, know what they want to see, and have more interaction, that is, to be more grounded.

Taking this opportunity, I also hope to hear more users and tell me what you want to see in Babbitt.

2020 is here. I hope that there will not be so many weird flags this year. I hope to see more and more truths. When I received this topic, the author's mind was blank, but I firmly believed that "the boat is naturally straight to the bridgehead", you see, I didn't finish this article, and you finished it (and I think you will praise me) And everything is the best arrangement. So, no matter what challenges you may face, you are right!