JD Digital's blockchain application research and development leader: gradually promote the blockchain traceability technology to the wider tea market

Zhang Wei, head of JD Blockchain application research and development, said that for Pu'er tea, the biggest problem is that it is difficult to identify whether it has collection value. Recently, Pudong Tea's blockchain anti-counterfeit traceability platform launched by JD.com identified the identity of tea cakes through artificial intelligence technology of "tea face recognition", and obtained the identity information of Pu'er tea cakes on the blockchain based on this ID. At present, JD's "tea face recognition" error has dropped to less than 1 in 100,000, the tea cake matching success rate has reached 99.5%, and technology has landed in the JD Cloud (Yuxi) New Economic Industrial Park. But at present, this technology is only applicable to Pu'er tea sold as pressed tea cakes. Zhang Wei said that the team will gradually extend the artificial intelligence plus blockchain traceability technology to the wider tea market.